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Post Primitive

Post Primitive

The capsule examines sustainability of leather goods inspired by the relationship ancient people had with nature and their awareness with the natural world.
For the last century there has been an enormous overproduction and over consumption but as we become more aware of environmental issues, we are starting to imagine a better future. A part of this process is “slowing down” and for the luxury industry this means creating products where their value is in their beauty and durability. The durability is focused on premium materials and craftsmanship, in a way a return to the “old ways”. Looking back before moving forward.
This phrase led also to thinking about a primitive aesthetic for the collection while contrasting this by using materials that are processed/manufactured using the most modern and best practices when it comes to safeguarding the wilderness of nature.
As honesty, simplicity, durability and more utilitarian values become more influential in the world of luxury.


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